Life At Camp

Life at Camp Hobbit Hill

from our 2017 Summer Camp

The Experience

At Camp Hobbit Hill we strive to make camp fun but are mindful of the ultimate goal to aid young girls in the formative process of life preparation so that they may face the world with enthusiasm, confidence and conviction.

Our goal is to make sure that our young campers will leave Camp Hobbit Hill with lifelong friendship and increased confidence.



Campers will be evaluated on their first day in camp and placed into a group with other riders of similar skills and age. Every morning campers will have a riding lesson in fundamentals and jumping techniques. In the afternoon, campers will learn to trail ride, how to bare-back ride and do games on horseback. Campers will also learn about stable management and how to train a horse.

Camp Hobbit Hill trains our own horses, a mixture of thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, Warmbloods and Appendix horses. Some others are leased to us for the summer from university programs where the horses are used to competition in regional and national events. Campers will be assigned a horse at the appropriate skill level and will learn to take care of them in a stable management program, but will also be given the opportunity to ride other horses so that they can expand their knowledge. By the end of the summer, campers will marvel at the riding knowledge and skills assimilated.

The Facilities

Most of our energy and devotion has been put into providing campers with the best riding facility imaginable. We have built an indoor arena so that campers can ride “rain or shine.” We also have a beautiful outdoor arena, lunging rings, and riding trails. Our riding program will include lessons in fundamentals, hunter jumping, stable management, horse training, games and contests.

Our dorms have brand new bathrooms and showers for each dorm room. Each dorm room has its own air conditioning system so that you can sleep in absolute comfort, even on the hottest summer nights, just like at home!